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Bootcamp student coding

Can anyone learn to code?

Coding is a massively in-demand skill, and more people are starting to learn coding in all its different forms. As more people consider learning to code, they are naturally asking whether they’re cut out for

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Software Engineering Immersive

Our flagship course, and the most complete way to get your engineering career started. Includes 3 projects and 1 week of career preparation to ensure you get hired.

Web Development Immersive

A shorter course that prepares you with all the fundamentals, maintaining our highest standards. Includes 1 personal project and 2 days of career orientation.

Getting ready for a coding bootcamp

How to prepare for a coding bootcamp

Attending a coding bootcamp is a big investment in terms of time, money and energy. Twelve hour days for twelve weeks is no joke, so it’s only natural to want to be prepared to get the most from your bootcamp experience.

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