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JavaScript for beginners

JavaScript for Beginners

JavaScript started as a simple scripting language for web browsers, but it’s evolved into a powerful tool used in various applications. From servers to mobile apps. At this point JavaScript is everywhere, even in places

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Codeworks Best Javascript Frameworks

Best JavaScript Frameworks

What are JavaScript Frameworks ? Well, think of them as the superhero sidekicks of web development—they swoop in and make building websites and web applications way easier and more efficient. Instead of starting from scratch

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Software Engineering Immersive

Our flagship course, and the most complete way to get your engineering career started. Includes 3 projects and 1 week of career preparation to ensure you get hired.

Web Development Immersive

A shorter course that prepares you with all the fundamentals, maintaining our highest standards. Includes 1 personal project and 2 days of career orientation.

What is jQuery

What is jQuery

jQuery, is an open-source JavaScript library, greatly simplifies the use of JavaScript on websites. By reducing numerous repetitive tasks that require multiple lines of JavaScript code into methods that can be called with a single

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