6 Reasons To Become A Developer

codeworks 6 reasons to become a developer

Some of you are hesitant about becoming a developer and have legitimate questions:

  • Developer, a career of the future?
  • What skills are needed to become a developer?
  • How to become a developer?
  • Is it an interesting profession?
  • How much does a developer earn?

When starting higher education, A lot of people hesitate between several different fields, including computer science, medicine, and physics. So in order to help you out, here is a list of 6 reasons why you might want to lean towards becoming a Developer.

1- A Fascinating Field

Yes, the fields of computer science and software development are VERY exciting. When I say this, people look at me wide-eyed. But the truth is that a developer learns new things every day. They therefore never get bored. On a daily basis, they think about how to solve captivating problems. They constantly innovate and invent new things. And yes, being a developer is above all about being creative, and very few people know this.

2- Numerous Fields of Application

A developer these days can work in almost any conceivable field. You find software everywhere: in your household appliances, your car, in medicine, and even in agriculture. They can change fields whenever they want! The range of possibilities is huge. There are very few professions where this is possible, so take advantage of it!

3- Lots of Jobs

You might think, if it’s so great to be a developer, there won’t be many positions available on the job market. Think again! At the moment, there is a crisis in the field of computer science, but not for developers. companies are hunting for coders.

4- Good Salaries

Yes, it’s the law of the market, as there are not enough developers, the salaries are good or even very good. Want numbers? Well, right out of school you can expect to earn between €35,000 and €50,000 depending on your school and the sector of the company. 

5- Career of the Future

Do you think that tomorrow, computer science will disappear from our lives? No more internet, no more smartphones, no more GPS…  in a civilized world, we doubt it. Sure the evolution of AI seems to be scary, but all AI really has done to professional developers is allow them to work faster. So don’t worry, computer science and software development are clearly careers of the future.

6- Accessible to All

Now, some of you might think, “It’s really great to be a developer but it’s not within my reach.” Well, you are clearly mistaken! Learning web development or software engineering is accessible to anyone who has an internet connection to follow an online course. Codeworks even offers a free intro to Javascript course.