How much does coding bootcamp cost in Toronto

how much does a coding bootcamp cost in Toronto

How much does coding bootcamp cost in the Toronto?

Let’s get right to it: if you’re eyeing a tech career in Toronto, chances are you’ve heard about coding bootcamps as a fast track to get there. But before you commit, let’s talk numbers—specifically, how much it’ll cost you in the city and whether it’s worth the investment. We’ll shine a light on and break down the real ROI of these bootcamps.

The Price Tag In Toronto, They can range anywhere from around $6,000 to upwards of $15,000. The variation depends on factors like whether it’s in-person or online and if it’s a full-time or part-time commitment. Essentially, what you pay correlates directly with what you get.

Parameter Codeworks App Academy Brainstation Hack Reactor
Pre-course length (in hours) 160 0 20 120
Main course length (in weeks) 12 16 12 12
Days per week 6 5 5 6
Hours per day 11 8 8 8
Total number of hours 952 640 500 696
Cost (in $) 14,800 17,000 15,000 17,980
Cost per hour (in $) 15.55 26.56 30 25.83
Deferred payment plan Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hiring rate based on coding jobs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime career support Yes No No No
Parameter Codeworks Ironhack
Pre-course length (in hours) 160 50
Main course length (in weeks) 8 9
Days per week 6 5
Hours per day 11 8
Total number of hours 688 410
Cost (in $) 10,800 12,000
Cost per hour (in $) 15.70 30.48
Hiring rate based on coding jobs Yes No
Lifetime career support Yes No

In-Person vs. Online

In-person bootcamps offer an strict learning environment with live coding sessions and immediate feedback. But if flexibility is key for you, online options might be more appealing, often at a lower cost. It boils down to your learning style and priorities.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time

Choosing between full-time and part-time affects both your daily schedule and your finances. Full-time programs are intense but lead to quicker results, while part-time options spread the learning and cost over a longer period, allowing you to balance it with other commitments.


Now, let’s look at We’re not just another bootcamp; we’re shaping the tech leaders of tomorrow. Our curriculum is comprehensive, preparing students for real-world challenges. It’s an investment, yes, but one where every lesson and project adds tangible value.

Comparing Toronto’s Scene

When you compare Toronto’s coding bootcamp landscape with other cities, something interesting emerges. Despite Toronto’s big tech scene, bootcamps that are remote tend to be more affordable, without compromising on quality. It’s about maximizing your investment, Canadian style.

Beyond the Price Tag

Remember, tuition is just the beginning. There are additional expenses like books, software, and maybe even a new laptop. If you opt for an in-person bootcamp, factor in living costs too. But the good news is many bootcamps, including, offer financial aid and flexible payment plans to make tech education accessible to all.

The ROI: It’s More Than Money

The real question is, what’s the return on investment? It’s not just about your starting salary; it’s about the speed of transitioning into a tech career, the growth prospects, and the fulfillment of doing what you love. excels here, with success stories that illustrate the transformative power of our bootcamp.

What’s Next?

Consider this: a coding bootcamp isn’t just a financial decision; it’s a career leap. With leading the charge, the value proposition is compelling. Intrigued? Explore what we offer and see if it aligns with your tech ambitions. The tech industry in Toronto is thriving, and there’s ample room for newcomers. Ready to join in?

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