How to Apply for a Bildungsgutschein in Germany

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Great news for anyone in Germany looking to get started in the tech game, Codeworks bootcamp is fully funded with the Bildungsgutschein education voucher! This is a fantastic chance for all German residents who qualify for the voucher to get into tech without spending a penny, whether you’re eyeing our part-time or full-time options.

So, what’s a Bildungsgutschein? It’s an education voucher from the employment agency or Jobcenter, designed to help those unemployed or at risk of unemployment. It covers all your training costs to help you get a job faster and tackle unemployment. 

Codeworks is proud to be one of the certified places you can use this voucher, guaranteeing you access to our bootcamps and a quality education.

To be eligible for the Bildungsgutschein, you need to be registered as living in Germany and fall into certain categories, like getting unemployment benefits or being close to unemployment.

Getting your Bildungsgutschein involves a few steps:

  • Sign up with the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter as unemployed or looking for advice.
  • Book a chat with them, whether it’s online, over the phone, or in person.
    Phone number: 0800 4 555500
  • Apply for a pre-consultation with us at Codeworks to get all the info you need.
  • Show the Agency or Jobcenter how joining a Codeworks bootcamp fits with your career goals.
  • Once you get your voucher, let us know during the intro chat and we’ll help you with the paperwork to join us officially.

While there’s no guarantee that you qualify for the Bildungsgutschein, showing how a Codeworks bootcamp can boost your career and ambition should swing things your way. Make sure to bring details about our Coding Bootcamp, information about how many jobs are vacant in the software engineer and web developer field, as well as, potential job opportunities after you finish.

Don’t forget these essentials for your appointment:

  • Valid ID and proof of German residency
  • Your latest CV and any relevant certificates
  • A motivation letter and our bootcamp syllabus
  • Maybe a German-speaking friend for translation if needed.

And remember, you don’t need to be in Berlin to join Codeworks. Our courses are online, so you can join from anywhere in Germany. It’s perfect for anyone looking for flexibility while they learn. 

Easy enough right? 
We are very proud to be able to work with Bildungsgutschein as a Coding Bootcamp with a campus in Berlin.