Who was the first programmer

Who as the first programer

So, picture this: back in the early 1800s, in bustling London, there was this amazing woman named Ada Lovelace. Yeah, she’s kind of a big deal in the world of computers, and since we at codeworks love these kind of people, we have chosen to inform you a little about her.

So, little Ada, even as a kid, was super into math and science. And guess what? Her mom totally cheered her on in all her geeky pursuits (Good job mom).

Fast forward to when Ada was 17, and people started noticing she was a total whiz at this stuff. She ended up hanging out with this cool dude, Charles Babbage, who was working on this crazy machine called the Analytical Engine. This thing was like the great-great-granddaddy of computers.

Now, imagine Ada’s reaction when she laid eyes on this machine—it was like discovering the coolest toy ever. Babbage, seeing her enthusiasm, asked for her help in understanding how the thing worked. And you know what? Ada dove right in, helping translate some complex articles about it. But she didn’t stop there—she added her own thoughts and ideas too.

And guess what she did next? She basically wrote the first-ever computer program! Yeah, you heard me right. In those notes of hers, she laid down the groundwork for coding as we know it today. She figured out how to make the machine crunch numbers and even spit out letters. Talk about being ahead of her time!

But wait, there’s more. Ada was like a fortune teller too. She predicted that one day, computers would be doing all sorts of creative stuff, like writing, drawing, and making music.

She once said, “The Analytical Engine does not originate anything. It can do whatever we know how to order it to perform.” Pretty deep, huh?

Sadly, Ada didn’t stick around for long. She passed away when she was just 36. But hey, we still celebrate her memory every December 10th. And get this—there’s even a programming language named after her, called Ada. It’s like a nod to the Original coder herself.

So yeah, Ada Lovelace may have lived in a time before computers ruled the world, but man, did she leave her mark on it.