Financing options

Economical resources should never be an obstacle to personal success. Find the best payment plan to suit your needs.

Upfront payment

Pay before starting the course and get the best price. This is the most convenient option if you have the funds available.

Student loan

Get a loan from our financing partners, or a provider of your choosing, with repayment conditions that fit your needs.

Pay when you get a job

Pay a deposit to secure your place, and start to pay back the rest only once you get a satisfying job offer.


Options vary by location, speak to our Admissions team for more details.

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Upfront payment
Student loan
Pay when you get a job

Upfront payment

Pay a deposit once you pass the admission challenge, to secure your seat in the program, and the remaining tuition before the course starts.

Student loan

Once you’re admitted to the course, get a loan from one of our financing partners or a provider of your choice. This allows you to divide the payment into smaller parts and distribute it over a longer period of time.

Availability and terms vary depending on your course location, personal circumstances, the loan provider, the loan amount and duration. You will be able to compare your options before making any decisions. As an example, a two-year loan can cost approximately 10% more compared to the upfront payment plan.

Pay when you get a job

Pay a deposit after you pass the admission challenge, to secure your seat in the program. Start to pay back the rest only if you receive a satisfying job offer within one year of graduating (above 85% of the Payscale average salary for a Software Engineer position in the country where you will work), and otherwise your remaining tuition fee is waived.

This deferred payment option is better than most ISAs (Income Share Agreements) where your tuition is based on a percentage of your salary (usually around 15%, for 2-3 years), and you could end up paying back twice the upfront cost of a course.

With our deferred payment plan you know the total cost in advance (expect around 20% more compared to the upfront payment option, depending on the financing conditions you choose), and you still have the advantage of only paying back only once you’re hired.

To be eligible, students must hold a valid work permit for Europe, USA, Canada, or Australia, and look for employment in that area. This finance option is subject to approval. Limited seats available, applicants from minorities and underrepresented groups are given priority.

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