At Codeworks we believe you deserve clear and reliable information to make your decision. We regularly monitor student outcomes, and are proud to have among the most transparent and strictest reporting standards in the industry.


Hiring rate after course completion

Students who sign a job offer within six months, with a work visa and actively looking for employment.


Salary compared to industry average

Companies love our graduates, and the job offers they receive reflect that (industry data source LinkedIn salaries).


Jobs in Software Engineering

Our students find careers in line with their studies and aspirations, not generic internships or unrelated jobs.

Verified data

We carefully collect and verify outcomes data. Where possible we use offer letters and contracts to verify roles and salaries.

Up to date

We publish our outcomes biannually, for the last year.

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Coding jobs

Hiring stats alone can be misleading. At Codeworks we are proud to declare the percentage of Software Engineering jobs.

Employment time

Nine in ten Codeworks graduates with a valid work visa sign a satisfying job offer within 3 month of finishing the course.

    Job search

    Most of our students decide to look for a job once they complete the course (without a valid work visa the search is significantly harder).

      We also keep track of the reasons why some graduates decide not to look for a job, as this gives interesting insights into their aspirations.

        Course completion

        Getting admitted to a Codeworks course requires commitment, but then almost everyone completes the program on time.

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