Development Immersive Remote in Latin America

Learn how to be a great web developer and build full-stack apps, with an advanced understanding of JavaScript.

Outcome oriented

At the end of the course you’re able to make complete web apps by yourself and understand advanced coding topics. Whether you want to launch your tech career, or create a startup, our program gives you the right tools to succeed.

Highly selective

Go from 20 to 80, instead of the typical 0 to 60 of most coding bootcamps. Starting from zero? Let us know when you apply: we’ll offer you an intro to coding that can be done from anywhere, and quickly prepares you for the admission challenge.

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We know that learning can be tough. When you don’t understand something you’re stuck, and your efforts are unproductive. But join Codeworks and we’ll exponentially speed up your progress, giving you the right input at the right time.

Attend from anywhere

Master Full-Stack Software Engineering without having to relocate.

How it works

Attend live lectures and group coding sessions with other students in your timezone, through online video calls and collaborative development tools.

You will get the same personalized feedback and real-time interaction that you would receive in a traditional in-person class.

Share your workspace with classmates and get support from instructors during assisted exercise hours.

The only requirements are a laptop, a stable Internet connection, and lots of enthusiasm!


Remote, 4 weeks part-time

Admission Challenge

This is where you start from if you have minimal or no coding experience. The preparation material includes programming fundamentals, and a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTTP, Linux, and jQuery.
Remote, 160 hours


Once you’re officially admitted to our program, you get access to the pre-course. The learning goals of this section include functional programming, an intermediate understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and a basic understanding of Git, Developer tools, and APIs.
8 weeks full-time

Main Course

This is the heart of the Codeworks system, and it’s mainly divided in two parts. During the first half you concentrate on theory and advanced programming topics. The second half instead is dedicated to applying everything you’ve learned, and use it to build complete products.
Week Main course topics
1-3 Advanced JavaScript, unit testing, fundamentals of other programming languages, data structures, algorithms, complexity analysis, networking (Internet, HTTP, WebSocket).​
4-5 Back-end frameworks (Node, Express, Koa, GraphQL), databases (SQL, MongoDB, Redis), advanced HTML and CSS.​
6-7 Front-end frameworks (Angular, React), end-to-end testing.
7-8 Security threats, authentication, personal project, automated tasks, demos, portfolio preparation, job interview training, hiring support.

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Here are some of the frameworks and tools that you’ll master during the Web Development Immersive program. Check out some of our student projects to see what you can build with them.


Ready for an immersive experience? This full-time program runs Monday to Saturday, 11 hours per day, for students in Latam timezones, based around a 9am EST start. Every day is different, but here’s what a typical schedule at Codeworks looks like.

9 - 11 AM


Join your class and get introduced to a new programming topic, asking anything you need to instructors.

11 AM - 1 PM


Time to get your hands dirty! Start to tackle the daily subject in pair with a classmate. Tutors are ready to get you unstuck any time you hit a block.

1 - 2 PM


Enjoy your food and take a nice break.

2 - 7 PM


Theory is nothing without practice. Back to your coding station with a peer, see how far you can get into the daily challenge.

7 - 8 PM


Time for student presentations. Grab a drink and relax while learning from your classmates.

8 - 9 PM


Is everything clear? Let’s recap together what we learned today, discuss any doubts, and make sure you’re ready to move forward for the next sprint.


Codeworks pays special attention to student outcomes and has a commitment to transparency. Unlike most bootcamps, we actually explain how results are measured (all details here).

98% hiring rate

98% of graduates looking for a job get it within 6 months of finishing this program.

A job in 30 days

Nine in ten graduates sign a satisfying job offer within three months, and over half are employed within 30 days.

+10% higher salary

Graduates get salaries that are +10% higher than the industry average for a Software Engineer position*.

*Industry average source: Payscale

Graduate salaries

Average yearly compensation of first job offer, upon graduating from Codeworks.
Country Average Salary
USA $ 86,833
UK £ 45,413
Germany € 53.570
Spain € 37.608


We have put a lot of effort to assemble the most critical components of a top Software Engineering education program. We retain exceptional faculty and staff, maintain a cutting-edge curriculum and deliver an experience that outperforms the alternatives.

4,800 USD

Bring a friend, 10% off

Bring your friends to study with you! For every friend that joins the course you get a 10% discount on tuition, that can be deducted from the total, or shared with your friend.

Payment options

Upfront payment

Pay before starting the course and get the best price. This is the most convenient option if you have the funds available.

Start dates

New classes start every 7 weeks throughout the year. Apply now and choose your preferred start date during the admission process.


We have one of the strictest admissions processes in the world, which ensures your classmates are as talented as you are.

1. Intro Chat

After you’ve passed the admission challenge, we contact you to set up a first interview and introductory chat. The purpose of this call is to answer any questions you have about Codeworks, understand your background, and see if you’d be a good fit.

2. Tech Interview

If you proceed to the next step, a technical interview with instructors is next. Here we’ll test your programming knowledge, and see how quickly you absorb new concepts.

3. Coding Assignment

If you pass the two interviews, we’ll give you a coding assignment to be completed within a couple of weeks. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting perfection at this stage. We want to see how you work under your own steam and learn new concepts.

4. Enrollment

If your Coding Assignment is up to standard you’ll be officially admitted to the course. Now you just need to sign the contract and pay the deposit to secure your seat in the chosen cohort.

Bear in mind that on average it takes six weeks to complete the entire admissions process. 


Read what our students say on SwitchUp and Course Report.​
An amazing experience 
I am now in the position to attest that the things we learned and the depth of our knowledge in Javascript and software development in general is really, really good. If you’re skeptical about whether those months can take you to a professional level, please, know that it really will.
The only bootcamp to consider
If you are looking for a new career in software development or considering a bootcamp, cross everyone else off your list. If you’re willing to work hard, commit to your future in a meaningful and fulfilling way, and searching for a real challenge then Codeworks should be your home for 3 months.


Sometimes making a decision is not easy. Here we cover the most frequently asked questions about our program. Feel free to get in touch if you can’t find yours.

At Codeworks you get approximately double the number of learning hours compared to most other bootcamps. But numbers tell only one side of the story. We also undertake incredible efforts to provide you with the best instructors and learning tools available. As a result, you understand how to think like a Software Engineer, instead of simply practicing the latest tools.

We’ve prepared a quick report that sums up core objective parameters from different Full-Stack courses, to help prospective students make their choice.

Other parameters that are very relevant but more subjective, like the quality of the curriculum, or the learning strategy, are left to personal judgement. Each school has its own vision on these topics.

Browse the report ›

We have a dedicated page that highlights and compares the main characteristics of our courses.

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Yes, and no. You could possibly learn the theory by yourself, if you’re extremely clever and crazy stubborn, although it would likely take you much longer. But the truth is that without great support normally people get stuck along the way and lose motivation, eventually giving up. Apart from this, even if you’re the exception to the rule, you would certainly miss the added value a coding bootcamp can provide.

Considering the immersive nature of this program, you want to be 100% dedicated to it. So, plan in advance to make sure you can set work and other responsibilities apart during the program duration.

To successfully attend the program you need to be familiar with coding fundamentals, and have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. If you start from zero don’t worry though, just let us know during the application process: we’ll offer you an intro to coding that can be done from anywhere, and quickly prepares you for the admission challenge.

All Codeworks students already know how to code once they start the main course (the ones that start from zero learn during the admission challenge preparation). Our program gives you a great opportunity to understand advanced JavaScript concepts, master top JS frameworks, learn industry’s best practices, and advance your career to the next step. During the intro chat we can give you personalized feedback, assessing together your coding level and career objectives.

Our classes are completely international. Students come from several different countries, and end up working wherever their passion leads them in the world. Also keep in mind that most coding documentation online is in English, so understanding the language is indispensable to be able to properly work in this field.

You need to be able to understand when someone speaks in English, and express yourself well enough so that people around you know what you mean. As a rule of thumb, if you can watch a movie in English without subtitles and follow along you should be able to attend the course.

No, applying to the course starts the interview process, which can lead to the admission challenge if you seem a good candidate. Only if you pass the admission challenge you’re admitted to the course.

There are two sides to this answer. From a technical point of view, you need to have basic programming knowledge and speak English fluently. On the other hand, as far as personal traits go we look for students who are extremely passionate, friendly, brilliant, and good at working in team.

Good question. We’ve prepared a quick guide so you can prepare for a successful tech interview.

Read the guide ›

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Browse our global FAQ to get advice on more generic issues – such as student visa or accommodation, in case you need them.

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