Student projects

See what students build at Codeworks, and how effective our course is at making you a competent full-stack developer.

Group | Beerb

Marta | Gitrank

Sesame Group Project

Group | Sesame

Furniss Thumbnail

Group | Furniss

Recipidea Thumbnail

Nadia | Recipidea

TripWiser Thumbnail

Group | Tripwiser

What you’ll build at Codeworks

During the course you create several custom apps, that form part of your portfolio when you graduate.


Envision a small app and build it by yourself from the ground up, mentored by our instructors.


Work with a classmate to improve an existing app, adding new features and refactoring the code.


Join a group of engineers and take on a big project, building a full-stack app from scratch.

Usher group project thumbnail

Group | Usher

bucketbee student project

Pamela | BucketBee

SmartAlarm Thumbnail

Jon | Smart alarm

Hexfinder project thumbnail

Cristoph | Hexfinder

BookmoochGo student project

Brett | BookMooch Go

Joogal Student project

Tobias | Joogal

Get started with JavaScript

Take the first step towards building your own full-stack apps with our free introductory course.

Free intro to JavaScript

Get familiar with JS syntax, while learning about variables, control flow, functions, objects, and classes. At the end of this course you’re able to solve simple coding challenges on your own, and ready to apply to Codeworks.